Membership Benefits

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    Austin Triathletes
    P.O. Box 50004
    Austin, TX 78763

    Membership Benefits


    • Monthly meetings to meet new ATs, get reacquainted with old friends, and to get updates on regional news.
    • Periodic special events, clinics, speakers, workshops, etc.
    • Monthly newsletters with stories, race news, and training tips
    • Meetings and newsletters include information about training, injury prevention and treatment, nutrition, and racing
    • “Ask the expert” column in monthly newsletters
    • List of Austin swimming programs, group rides, and group runs
    • Discussion forum at
    • Access to regional race schedules and entry forms
    • Classified ads on web site and in newsletters – members can post for-sale items at no charge


    • 15% Discount at Betty Sport
    • 15% discount at Lane Four
    • 10% discount at Austin Tri-Cyclist
    • 10% discount at Jack and Adam’s
    • 10% discount at RunTex
    • 10% discount at 360 Cycleworks
    • $10.00 discount on annual subscriptions to Runner Triathlete News 
    • $3 discount on annual USA Triathlon license
    • Smart Sport International: 10% discount will be extended to the
      first three months of coaching and to the single consultations. 
    • free 1.5 lb Cytomax bag with first purchase and 5% off all purchases from
    • More to come!


    • Monthly training events at no charge
    • Weekly group rides/runs/swims
    • Meet new training partners


    • Member support at races
    • Find carpool and lodging partners for races
    • Liability protection for the club and our members


    • Directory of other Austin Triathletes members
    • Email updates and notices of AT happenings
    • Cool (literally) AT training apparel through the AT store


    • Seasonal social events
    • Door prizes at meetings
    • Free Fat Tire Ale at races, training events, and social events

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